Restorative Conservation

Keurbooms River Game Trails is fortunate enough to have many of sources of water, but some of our springs and rivers are under threat due to the overpopulation of Bluegum and Wattle trees in the area. These Alien species consume vast amounts of water with the result that many of the natural Kloofs are being sucked dry, which directly affects the natural balance of nature. Increased run-off from the mountains also means valuable top soil is washed away and natural erosion occurs much quicker…

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We at KRGT are at the forefront of alien clearing in the area - not only are water sources re-established for a healthy environment, but industrial charcoal - a product of the incineration of these trees - is an important material for production of specialised metals.
The Alien Clearing project has a direct impact on the local community by creating long-term employment and a source of income for the workers.