If you’re seeking an environment of peaceful solitude, Keurbooms River Game Trails is the place to visit. Come and explore the Keurbooms and Diep Rivers and enjoy the spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys. Our 4000 Hectare privately owned Game and Nature Park forms part of the Middle Keurbooms Conservancy. The Keurbooms River runs through the center of the farm for more than twelve kilometers. The diverse landscape comprises of natural forests, mountain fynbos and grassland, offering numerous game viewing opportunities. We share a 17 km boundary on the North-eastern side of the farm with the Formosa National Park, a 94 000 hectare wilderness area.
The estate is a year round destination with temperatures that range from freezing to forty degrees Celsius. The colder winter months are May, June and July, while the warmest months are November, December and January. Each season brings about its own magnificence – snow capped mountains form a dramatic backdrop to frosty, misty valleys.
Summer visits allow one to explore more of the farm on foot, swim in the gorgeous deep pools all along the main rivers, and to enjoy the general splendour from up close. Protea lovers should mark their calendars for the months of December and January, when they’re delivering their best.
Warm ocean currents create a milder and more attractive climate than Cape Town, and it is also a relatively wind free zone.